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Chief Data Officer

"We drive business-driven analytics to create high value for our customers and company growth"

Saowanee leads data engineer, data scientist, and project management at SCB Abacus where she builds the exploitation of information to create business value along with information protection and privacy for our customers. She has strong experience in managing and developing end-to-end data pipeline and leveraging data assets to gain a competitive advance for company

Before joining SCB Abacus, Saowanee built risk data architecture for credit risk and implemented credit risk model for both wholesale and retail portfolios. She also had strong exposure to end-to-end lending processes and traditional risk model limitations, having led implementation of BASEL III requirements for SCB.

Prior to joining SCB, Saowanee established end-to-end data pipeline in TMB and led the development of SET information products (Datafeed and SETSmart).


Saowanee holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Kasetsart University and an M.A. in Economics Business from Thammasat University.

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