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The first end-to-end fully automated micro-lending app in Thailand

We believe in growing with our customers, so our product suite addresses customer needs throughout their lifecycle as they first gain access to a formal loan to having a well established credit history.

Starter loan


A gateway product suitable for borrowers building credit history for the first time. Users only need a national ID and a smartphone to apply.

Personal loan

Larger loan for personal consumption purposes. This product serves customers who have graduated from smaller loan products with some established credit history. We continue the use of alternative data technology to ensure high accessibility and convenience of an end-to-end digital design.


Micro loan

Small loan for business operations aiming at thin-file borrowers. Our proprietary AI engine is used to evaluate alternative data to improve financial access to this group of customers. Flexible repayment contracts are available as fixed installments or a revolving line of credit.

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and accessible


No physical docs required

Quick loan decision

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loan terms

Tenor up to 15 months

No pre-payment or late fee

Revolving feature

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Delights for

good behavior

Credit line top-up

Loyalty points

Referral benefits