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Opening Position

Mobile App Developer

What you will do

  • Work in the scrum team of developers to deliver the software according to business initiatives in a 2-week sprint cadence

  • Work side-by-side with business, data engineer and data scientist team to analyze and design solutions that solve business problems

  • Implement and deliver efficient, robust and secure software to meet business requirements

  • Write automated tests to confirm quality of the delivery

  • Perform cross-functional code reviews for team members

  • Build and deploy the software in the automated CI/CD pipeline

  • Maintain the software by fixing issues and enhancing new features

  • Suggest and implements ideas to drive business goals and enhance the team efficiency


What we are looking for

  • Bachelor's or Master’s degree in IT related fields such as Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Information Technology

  • Strong background in Computer Science including design principles, software architecture, software engineering, OOP, etc.

  • Experience with Flutter to develop cross-platform mobile application on Android and iOS

  • Experience with native implementation; Kotlin and/or Swift for Flutter plug-in development is preferred

  • Strong background in building secure and quality application

  • Strong passion to learn new technology and able to select tools for certain tasks

*all experiences are welcome

Interested in joining our team, please send your CV and your portfolio (if any) with following email subject "Joining Abacus Family: Mobile App Developer" to 

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