Our Positions

Marketing Manager

We are a small but dynamic team of passionate individuals who work together to achieve our mission. Our members all come from diverse experiences ranging from Facebook, Wall Street hedge funds, and academia. The differences in backgrounds and profiles allows us to tackle problems with creativity and perspective.


All members are not only encouraged but expected to voice to their ideas. All voices are heard, and the best ideas are implemented. Consistent with this philosophy, we are always looking for motivated individuals with a thirst for knowledge, curiosity to make discoveries, and a drive to exceed expectations.


Here at SCB Abacus, the opportunities to learn and grow are endless – and we hope that you will join us in this challenging, yet exciting and enjoyable journey together.

What you will do

You will be responsible for planning, implementing, and managing the company’s marketing strategy. Your role will play a crucial role in achieving SCB Abacus’ business goals and objectives. We are expecting you to have experience in performance-based marketing and big passion for digital technologies and various digital marketing channels.


  • Develop a performance-based marketing plan including strategy, goals, budget, and tactics to achieve business objectives

  • Execute marketing activities by approving and overseeing creative development, marketing materials, advertisement, media allocation and other marketing-related projects

  • Track, monitor and analyze acquisition performance using analytic tools to make data driven decision based on past performance and market forecast

  • Keep abreast with industry and market trends and best practices including research competitors and provide suggestions for improvement

  • Hire and supervise marketing agencies to develop and execute marketing campaigns

  • Oversee marketing budget e.g., budget allocation and optimization, vendor procurement, contract negotiation

  • Proactively generate ways to market the product through online media, offline media, and other innovative forms of advertising

  • Lead projects with both internal and external teams as assigned including special projects and ad hoc functions

What we look for

  • 5+ years of experience in marketing field

  • Experience in developing and implementing performance-based digital marketing strategies and have solid knowledge of marketing analytic tools.

  • Numerically literate, comfortable working with numbers, making sense of metrics and processing figures with spreadsheets

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in both English and Thai

  • Ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams under deadline pressures

  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail necessary to prioritize multiple initiatives and projects

Please send us your CV careers@scbabacus.com with “Joining Abacus Family”